Finally I am able to announce what I have silently been working on.

PŪWAWAU is a musicperformance.

Our world is changing so fast. We do seem to have lost contact with our own voices sometimes and stopped listening to others. Out of an urgency I wanted to research aspects of the singing and how we relate to this. How we connect and reflect.
I truly believe it can bring us back to the rich world underneath the world of so many words with no meaning. It has always been my safe heaven and maybe it can be yours too.

6 musicpieces, 6 different researches.
Chantal Acda, Eric Thielemans, Laurens Smet
Nederlands Kamerkoor NXT
+ ensemble
Audio words by Josse de Pauw
Arrangements by Valgeir Sigurdsson.

We will first play 17 research performances during the OEROL THEATER FESTIVAL 2019.
In November we will premiere this piece in the theaters.

A co-production with Intro In Situ, Maastricht


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