Oerol 2019

It’s over! 17 performances. OEROL 2019. I couldn’t be happier with our team.New friendships. Amazing how we connected on and off the stage. How they trusted me with all I wanted to do. We enjoyed every performance so much. The wood was alive and working with us. So magical to work in that space. The audiences were warm and touching. It’s the best feeling to know that what we really wanted to say (without words) did reach them. After months of preparation out of my comfortzone and not knowing if it would all come together, it truly lifted my spirit.
I will miss the trees, the wonderful souls around me all day, the lighthouse, singing and playing together. But my heart is packed with love and feels connected again. SUCH A GREAT EXPERIENCE! Love, Chantal

We will be touring with this in the fall. Dates coming up soon!


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