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Pūwawau is back in stock! You can now find it in your shop again or through this link: https://fanlink.to/Puwawau Also….Keep reading <3 I cleaned up my studio and found all these records that are hard to find or sold out. I still have a few of my first solo record […]

Coming up!

The coming 3 months you will find me here! From Belgium to Holland to Germany to Italy. Hope to see some familiar faces! Have a wonderful weekend! duo w/ Eric Thielemans 17.01 CCHA, Hasselt (Isbells)30.01 CC Halle (Nu Nog even Niet)08.02 Hoge Rielen, CC Warande (Isbells)15.02 Wintertales, Tongeren (Isbells)22.02 Leiden […]


We are so happy and proud to release Pūwawau todayThis has been a wonderful, inspiring and joyful process.We hope you will find the same joy and peace listening to this.I felt a deep urge to write this music. And after writing this nothing feels the same anymore. And that leaves […]

Meet the singers!

Ik wil graag weer een tipje van de sluier van Pūwawau oplichten vandaag. Ik heb deze muziek/voorstelling geschreven omdat ik niet meer anders kon. Over de dingen die we vergeten zijn.Omdat we misschien wel beter kunnen dan dit?Met z’n allen? Onze wereld lijkt zoveel nood te hebben aan alles wat […]


Very happy to let you know that there will be a vinyl version of Pūwawau. You can pre-order it here: https://chantalacda.merchandise-entertainment.com/chantal-a… Thank you Rutger Zuydervelt. Without you we wouldn’t have made it in time! Vinyl rules! (Release 8/11)


Very happy to announce the release of Pūwawau the 8th of november! We recorded the music this summer.You will hear the wonderful singers Sara Leemans, Benjamin Jago, Arjan Lienaerts and Jony Overdijk together with musicians Eric Thielemans, Laurens Smet, Jozef Dumoulin, Michael Brijs, Firas Al Alwani, Beatrijs De Klerck, Katelijn Van Kerckhoven and Jeroen Stevens. Wonderful arrangements by Valgeir Sigurðsson.Artwork by Rutger Zuydervelt This has […]

Oerol 2019

It’s over! 17 performances. OEROL 2019. I couldn’t be happier with our team.New friendships. Amazing how we connected on and off the stage. How they trusted me with all I wanted to do. We enjoyed every performance so much. The wood was alive and working with us. So magical to […]


dag allemaal, omdat ik soms wat persoonlijker wil informeren dan via social media stuur ik hierbij een link zodat je je, als je wil natuurlijk, kan, inschrijven voor mijn mailinglist. Lieve groet, Chantal Acda Hello there, because sometimes I would love to inform you in more personal ways than just […]