Review in Good Times // In German(y) !

Nice review in De Standaard today! Only 10 days until release…

Thank you OOR !! Glad you like !! xx

Anch’io ti amo Italia !! Thanks for the wonderful review Rockerilla !! xx

And the first review comes from Switzerland !! “Pop ouatée”

And the first review comes from Switzerland !! “Pop ouatée” Pop ouatée. Les jours deviennent plus courts, plus sombres, plus froids, plus durs. Mais Chantal Acda est là. La chanteuse belge emporte dans The Sparkle in Our Flaws assez de douceur pour amortir l’arrivée de l’automne, assez de délicatesse pour rallumer […]

Oh… and what’s more… we’ve also just released the video for the title track “The Sparkle In Our Flaws”. xx New album will be out on September 25th on Glitterhouse! (Source:

The Sparkle In Our Flaws by Chantal Acda

The Sparkle In Our Flaws by Chantal Acda Excited! My new album “The Sparkle In Our Flaws” is now up for pre-order on iTunes Benelux!! The title track can be downloaded immediately and a new track will be released on September 6th. We’ve also included 2 live recordings featuring Peter […]

Off the Record

Off the Record This fall on television in Begium! in “Off The Record” Canvas talks to Belgian musicians about the records that have influenced them artistically and musically. From Chantal Acda to Alex Callier, from Geoffrey Burton to Melanie De Biasio and to Marie Daulne and Trixie Whitley. Not to […]

On September 25, 2015 Chantal Acda will present her new album ‘The Sparkle In Our Flaws’ and – together with her band – she will be touring in support of it throughout Europe and the USA in the months to follow. The Belgian release shows have been announced today, the […]